‘Mathrusangam’ has been in existence since the inception of the church. It helps and supports mothers, who are the lights of families. The main activities of the ‘Mathrusangam’ can be broadly divided into four: Spiritual support, Social service initiatives, Educational programs and Cultural programs. These four headed attempts help mothers to grow spiritually and culturally, which help them to lead a meaningful life in the families and the society they lives in. The ‘Mathrusangam’ unit of the church is very active and popular. The growing number of memberships is a testimony to it.

Spiritual support:The birthday of Mother Mary is celebrated as Mother’s Day. During the occasion, a number of programs are organized. Holy Mass, Rosary and Novena are celebrated for one week. The Sunday mass of the week is devoted specially to all mothers. In addition to these, ‘Mathrusangam’ gives a helping hand to all the spiritual initiatives undertaken by the church.

Social Service Initiatives:As part of the social service initiatives, ‘Matrusangam’ gives deserving people monetary help for food, clothes, house rent, medical help ,marriages etc. They also visit orphanages, old age homes and terminally ill people and spent time with them and help them with cash and in kind.

Educative Programs:‘Matrusangam’ believes in educating mothers on a continuous basis. It organizes seminars and workshops for mothers for their spiritual growth as well as for leading a better life with Christian values. Some of the topics covered during such program include ‘mother’s duties’, ‘service to humanity’, ‘unconditional love’ and ‘health’.

Cultural:There is no dearth of talents in the ‘Mathrusangam’. The members participate in various cultural programs and competitions at the parish level and diocese level and have won many prizes. Picnics are arranged occasionally exclusively for mothers.